Win FREE Tickets to Eddie Izzard @ the Palace Theatre on Monday!

British comedian Eddie Izzard – once dubbed “the lost Python” by no less an authority than John Cleese – is bringing his latest excursion into surreal stand-up comedy, “Force Majeure,” to the Palace Theatre in Albany on Monday night. He will be performing in English, but he has also performed the show in French and German. His current stand-up tour will cover 25 countries, as well as 32 U.S. cities.

He’s earned Emmy Awards for both performing and writing. He’s a Tony nominee, and a serious actor on the Broadway stage. He’s also appeared in numerous films (from the caper flick “Ocean’s Twelve” to the Julie Taymor-helmed Beatles musical “Across the Universe” to the animated “Cars 2”), as well as on television (recently as a recurring character on NBC-TV’s “Hannibal”).

Eddie Izzard’s Nippertown debut takes place at the Palace Theatre at 7:30pm on Monday (May 12). Tickets are $42, $49, $57 & $67.

BUT WAIT… Have we got a deal for you!?! We’re giving away a pair of FREE tickets to this show. To enter the contest, just post a comment below. Please leave your email address, too. We won’t publish it, but we’ll use it to contact you if you win. Deadline to enter in 12noon on Monday (May 12), and the winner will be selected at random and notified on Monday afternoon. Good luck! Congratulations to the winner, who has been notified by email.

  1. Summer says

    Oh yes PLEASE! I love him!

  2. -S says

    He is indeed the best. And not just the best dressed 🙂

  3. Karen says

    Loved him in Hannibal – he played creepy very well.

  4. josalyn says

    I could use a good laugh right about now! Would love free tix! Please & thank you!

  5. Jeff Sanders says

    Would love to see Eddie!

  6. Arya says

    He is the man, so to speak.

  7. Joe says

    I wanna do big arms!

  8. blaze sepowski says

    I would dig the F#$% out of tickets to see Eddie Izzard!!! fingers crossed!!

  9. Bob says

    Would love to see Eddie live! Always been a favorite of mine.

  10. steve ward says

    Heard him on PYX. Would love to go

  11. Martin Amyot says

    Would like this show.

  12. ab says

    No whammys

  13. Theresa says

    Love me some Izzard!

  14. Jeff says

    Yes please! Love Izzard.

  15. Dan Coutin says

    I’ve got to go and wave the flag ……well if I had one I might wave it …. maybe once …. actually probably not.

  16. Kevin Box says

    Please, please, pretty please!!! I’ll even paint my nails!

  17. Chris H. says

    Thanks for the opportunity. Eddie is great!

  18. Anne Marie says

    Me, please.

  19. Sean says

    This would be a blast!! For once in my life, I’d actually say THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY!!! 🙂

  20. Erin Farnam says

    gah!! i love this man!

  21. Daniel Wilder says

    I would love to go!

  22. Mark Amyot says

    Good time.

  23. Chiara says

    Fun, I like him. 🙂 Remember his show The Riches with Minnie Driver where they were gypsies?

  24. Dave S says

    Cake or death?

  25. keri13 says

    I would love to win a pair of tickets! I have loved Eddie’s work for a long time, and thought he was great in The Riches. Pick me! 🙂

  26. Graceful J says

    I bet he’s a hoot!

  27. Bryan says

    would love to go check him out, would be a good time

  28. Steve Nover says


  29. Rich says


  30. julie says

    i could use a laugh after this crazy semester!! help a girl out.

  31. Michelle says

    A comedy force be with you!

  32. timothy ruppert says

    I would LOVE to check this show out!

  33. Ahmad says


  34. yesi says

    I have been a fan of Eddie Izzard’s work for years but didn’t know he was a stand-up comedian until he came out on the Nerdist. Now I look for his work! Huge fan here 🙂

  35. Suzanne Burleigh says

    What a truly wonderful offer, and would be a great Mother’s Day gift, albeit the day after. 🙂

  36. Nina Lee says


  37. Aaron says

    Would love to be able to see him!!!

  38. mike says

    Please pick me. I am coming ffrom PIttsfield,ma.

  39. Teresa says

    Funniest man on the planet. I wanna live ’til I die, not more no less!!!!

  40. McKenzie Lee says

    I’m so excited that he’s coming to Albany!! I would love to see him while he’s in the states!! : D

  41. Margo says

    LOVE HIM! Hey, If you pick me I will take Steve Nover since my husband is busy!

  42. Shelby says

    I love him!

  43. Patrick says

    Woot woot!

  44. Russ says

    Eddie Izzard is great talent. Glad he’s coming to Albany.

  45. Tom Atkins says

    I’m a Huge fan of Eddie Izzard…. But I need a flag to prove it. But as big of a fan of Eddie, I’m a bigger fan of nippertown!

  46. Peter says

    Cool my wife loves him

  47. Teresa says

    What good fun it would be.

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