Mystery Actors in “High Dive” Audience Have Fun at Chester Theatre [Berkshire on Stage]

High Dive @ Chester Theatre Company
Come early to a performance and become part of the show.

“I couldn’t think of a better way to involve our audience in our 25th Anniversary celebration than with High Dive, Leslie Ayvazian’s remarkably brave, innovative and fun theatre piece,” said Chester Theatre Artistic Director Byam Stevens. “Brave, because it takes incredible courage for an actor to work with 35 strangers every night. Innovative, because it possesses a unique structure with its scripted lines for audience members. Fun, well, because it’s fun! Audience members who want to take part should come 15-20 minutes early to be “cast” by Jennifer (Rohn) in the lobby. They’ll be given sides (their lines) and direction – then the fun begins! This is truly not to be missed!”

In High Dive, comic misadventures pile up as Leslie, perched on a high dive platform, flashes back to the succession of farcical disasters that culminates in her present predicament. High Dive is a one-woman show with a very large cast — the other actors? The audience, who are invited to read lines from the script, and thereby experience the point of the play – the willingness to take risks and dive in. According to The NY Daily News, “High Dive is well worth the plunge. This brief and light-hearted look at Ayvazian’s misadventures… is an engaging and often hilarious show from beginning to end.”

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