1. Stanley Johnson says

    Johnny played many times locally. I remember a Palace show that was a double bill with Roy Buchanan. Another show in Syracuse featured his brother Edgar and Rick Derringer. He was held in esteem by the best, including friends Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman. Bye Bye Johnny…

  2. Dizzy Dean says

    Stanley, just a minor correction. That double bill of Johnny Winter and Roy Buchanan was at JB’s Theatre at The Crossgates Plaza.

  3. Stanley Johnson says

    You are right about J.B.’s Theatre, although it’s the Crosstown Plaza. I do remember hoping that a jam might happen between Roy and Johnny, but no such luck. I also believe that Johnny played in Clifton Park, but I don’t know if it was Tiger’s Pub, Northern Lights or the Upstate Concert Hall, which are all the same place.

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