Don Brewer, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

Don Brewer
Don Brewer

“It’s probably embarrassing to admit, but the first album I ever bought on my own was by the Dovells. Of course, it was the one with ‘Bristol Stomp’ on it. I can still the remember the album cover – it was red, I think, with the guys in white jackets, all clean-cut looking with slicked back hair. I think that was probably the first quote-unquote rock album that I ever bought on my own, and to be honest with you, I still think that ‘Bristol Stomp’ is a pretty cool song.

“Before that there was Elvis and everything, and I remember watching him on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ – in fact, I used to do an impersonation of Elvis doing ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ that used to crack my dad up pretty good – but I don’t think that I bought his records at the time.”

Co-founder Don Brewer slips behind the drums to power Grand Funk Railroad as the headliners for Alive at Five at the Corning Preserve Boat Launch under the I-787 overpass in Albany’s Jennings Landing at 5pm on Thursday (July 31). The rest of the band features co-founder/bassist Mel Schacher, guitarist Bruce Kulick, vocalist Max Carl and keyboardist Tim Cashion. The Local 518’s Wild Adriatic opens the show. Admission is FREE. UPDATE: Yes, the concert has been moved to the rainsite – the Corning Preserve Boat Launch under the I-787 overpass.

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