Joie Calio, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

Joie Calio
Joie Calio

“Wow, let me think… I think that the first album that I actually bought with my own money was the Who’s Quadrophenia. I had a paper route, I saved my money, and I went into the store and purchased it myself.

“Before that, I had some albums by the Beatles, the Stones and the Doors that had been given to me by my parents, babysitters and friends, but I think that the first record that I received as a gift was the first Monkees’ album.

“Boy, you know, I haven’t thought about those records in quite a while. It’s strange thinking back to those days because, at the time, you never really know what those early albums are going to end up doing to your head, do you?”

Guitarist-vocalist Joie Calio made his first impression on the national music scene with the LA-based alt-rock band dada (remember their 1992 hit, “Dizz Knee Land”?), but these days he’s leading the rock band 7Horse, who make their Nippertown debut at The Egg’s Hart Theatre in Albany at 8pm Wednesday (September 3), opening for Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Tickets are $39.75, $44.75 & $59.75.

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