Andy Gregory Hosts WEXT-FM’s New “Local 518 Show”

Andy Gregory hosts WEXT's Local 518 Show on Thursday evenings
Andy Gregory hosts WEXT’s “Local 518 Show” on Thursday nights

WEXT-FM debuts its new weekly “Local 518 Show” at 11pm tonight (Thursday (September 4) with new host Andrew Gregory. The show is also re-broadcast at 6pm on Saturday.

WEXT program director Chris Wienk says, “We have been impressed with how dedicated Andy is to the Local 518 music scene, and in fact, to the musicians themselves. When we started the search it became obvious our choice had to be Andy.”

Gregory – who has been a contributor to the CRUMBS Local Music Blog, CRUMBS Cafe and – says of his new role as “The Local 518 Show” host, “My favorite part is that it allows me to be able to help, in some small way, local bands, artists and singer-songwriters to achieve success in what they love to do. Whether making the big time or just having music as a successful career choice. Also, the camaraderie can be a lot of fun.”

Gregory joins the ranks of other contributors who have taken to the airwaves. J Hunter hosts “Jazz2K: The Radio Show,” a two-hour sampler of 21st-century jazz, that airs at 6pm Tuesdays on 91.1 WSPN in Saratoga Springs, while Tim Livingston’s “Radio Warfare” pumps out two-and-a-half-hours of garage rock, power pop and shakin’ (not stirred) rock ‘n’ roll at 7pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month on WGXC-FM (90.7FM) from Hudson.

  1. Andrew Gregory says

    Thanks Nippertown! J Hunter and Tim Livingston are august company to be in.

  2. J Hunter says

    But… but… but it’s September! 🙂

    Congratulations, Andrew! Have a lot of fun with it!

  3. Chris Busone says

    Congrats Andy….very cool!

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