The Cammys Are Coming! The Cammys Are Coming…

The Cammys

Last year, Dan Coler of the Tier One Talent Group launched the Capital Area Live Music Awards, honoring Local 518 musicians and bands with an inaugural awards show at Trick Shot Billiards & Sports Pub in Clifton Park.

The event was described by the organizers as “an evening of awards honoring music artists from all genres who perform in the greater Albany, NY region. Our area’s version of the Grammys, we like to call the Jammys.”

Well, they’re coming back for a sophomore year… with several changes.

First of all, the name of the event has been shortened to the Capital Area Music Awards (although it is not related to the Capital Area Music Association, which operated in the Local 518 for several years in the mid-to-late ’90s). Secondly, the nickname has been changed from the Jammys to the Cammys. The awards show has also relocated from Trick Shot Billiards to The Linda in Albany. And the date of the event has been pushed back from November to Sunday, January 25, 2015 at 5pm.

The nomination and selection processes have changed, as well. Last year, fans were invited to submit nominations and then the winners were selected by an anonymous panel. But this year, the bands/musicians themselves are being asked to submit their own nomination, a panel will select the finalists for each category, and the fans will vote to select the winners.

Here’s how it’s slated to work:

Beginning on Wednesday, October 15, bands and musicians can submit a link or a music sample directly to the official Capital Area Music Awards website for consideration by the Nomination Panel, which will consist of “local promoters, venue owners, talent buyers, media, and self-described music nuts. Only bands/musicians based in Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Saratoga, and Warren counties are eligible. The deadline for for nomination submissions is Sunday, November 30.

The Nomination Panel will then determine the final nominees in each of the 14 different musical genre categories (down from 27 categories last year).

On Monday, December 15, the final ballots will be posted to the website, and fans will be invited to vote for their favorite in each category. Fans can also vote for two People’s Choice Awards – Favorite Artist/Band and Favorite Music Venue. The deadline for fan voting is Sunday, January 15.

Held at 5pm on Sunday, January 25, the awards show will feature live performances by six bands and musicians from the Local 518, a multi-media projection show and, of course, the awards ceremonies, which will also include honorary awards for Lifetime Achievement and the Hall of Fame. Tickets for the awards show are $12.50 in advance; $15 at the door. In addition, there will be a pre-show sushi dinner reception, as well as an official after-party.

GO HERE for a recap of the 2013 Capital Area Live Music Awards show, as well as a complete list of last year’s nominees and award winners…

  1. Jam Head says

    Not a big fan of this event. Last year’s version seemed to be rather self-serving on the part of the organizer.

    Plus, what legit awards show encourages submissions? The firs thing that happens is it becomes a Readers poll type of thing, with bands enlisting their buddies to flood the gates.

    More importantly, shouldn’t the judges or nominating committee themselves possess an ear for what is going on in the region, musically?

    The answer in this case might be “no, not really”. I mean, look at last year. Why is their even a category for tribute acts (whooops: there’s the self serving thing). And really: Eastbound Jesus is a jam band?

    Fuggetaboutit. Maybe someone else can come up with a better way of honoring our grate local talent. I nominate: NIPPERTOWN!

  2. Dale says

    Thank you for actually acknowledging this event Nippertown. I for one, plan on going. I like going out to see bands and musicians who are being recognized for their talent and hard work. Its amazing to me some of the talent that is around here that never gets any recognition, some of them never even blessed with a comment from the great talent gatekeeper of Nippertown. Then again, there are a lot of reasons for a lack of recognition – starting with the unhealthy amount of negativity on display right here.

    Jam Head, (How courageous for you to use your real name) clearly has no idea how awards shows are run, and seems to be upset that he didn’t come up with the idea himself. A brief lesson for you Jam Head. The Oscars, the grammys, the tonys, golden globes, they are all submission based! Somebody submits their products, the organizers do their best to see that they have a chance to be heard. Inviting submissions increases the chance that maybe even Jam head could submit his own self-serving talent to be one of the nominees. You don’t know who chooses the nominees, and ultimately it looks like online voting determines the some of the winners? Fine by me, I will participate and vote. BUT I do know you will have an opportunity to go out and hear a few bands play at a great venue, for a cause designed to help unite our musical community. Is that so awful? Maybe you won’t like them. Maybe they don’t like you. You don’t want to go? Fine. But why go negative on the organizer or even WAMC that needs people to attend their events? Bands enlisting their buddies to flood the gates? Happens all the time. Need fans? Get out and play Jam Head. If you deserve fans, you can get them, there are a lot of great music supporters in our area. Do the hard work and stop judging others. Sounds like maybe Jam Head was in a band that was on the losing end of a few of these kinds of things.

    All I know is that going negative isn’t going to help you. You don’t know who the judges are (and neither do I) so why be all negative already? I’m curious about your “ear” Jam head – is there talent in there or is it just jealousy? Do you even know the organizer? I don’t. Maybe you don’t even play, you just type away your observations from a made up name on an obscure website while brown nosing for an imaginary vote from a talent show Nippertown has never put on (that I know of) Its disheartening the attitude around here though – some people really just want to see others fail, but I plan on going out Jan. 25 and having some fun. “I hope someday you’ll join us…”

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