A Man and a Devil Battle It Out at the Church on the Hill on Sunday [Berkshire on Stage]

Glen Williamson (photo: Robb Creese)
Glen Williamson (photo: Robb Creese)

Goethe’s “Faust” is one of the bedrocks of classic literature. Its story of a deal with the devil – signed in your own blood – still resonates today. Written two centuries ago, it is a rich vein of philosophical thought. And it’s about to be become relevent to us once again in a modern retelling in Lenox where people like their theater rich and deep.

Taking place on Sunday (October 5) at 2pm, a man and a devil will battle it out at the Church on the Hill in Lenox, as professional New York actor Glen Williamson performs his award-winning one-man play Beat the Devil! Faust, the Whole Story. The piece won the award for Best Adaptation at the United Solo Theatre Festival Off-Broadway in 2011. The Church on the Hill presents the Anthropos Theater production of Goethe’s theatrical masterpiece about about love, sex, murder, myth, magic, war, waves and a devil out of his depths. The Hadley Lyre Ensemble will play live music from Colin Tanser, J.S. Bach, and a piece composed especially for this event by Channa A. Seidenberg.

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