Real Good for FREE: Silent Film Spectacular @ Albany Public Library

The Albany Public Library is back with its annual Silent Film Spectacular series that matches a half-dozen classic silent movies, ranging from the dramatic to the macabre, with Local 518 bands who have composed new original soundtracks that they will perform live to accompany the screenings.

The series of screenings/performances take place in the large auditorium of the Main Library at 7p on four consecutive Wednesday evenings beginning on Wednesday (October 8), as well as a pair of 2pm Sunday matinees. All performances are FREE.

Here’s the round-up of this year’s Silent Film Spectacular programs:

With music by Blacklight Lighthouse
Wednesday, October 8, 7pm
F.W. Murnau used innovative special effects in his 1926 interpretation of Goethe’s classic tale of good versus evil. Blacklight Lighthouse creates loops and samples layered with acoustic and electronic instrumentation resulting in an oculauditory experience that will delight the audience.

With music by Ryan Devine & BeatRoot
Wednesday, October 15, 7pm
Lon Chaney plays a deranged criminal seeking revenge against the surgeon who unnecessarily amputated both of his legs in this dark 1920 film. Ryan Devine has been playing and teaching in Albany for 10 years and will perform his original score with current band, BeatRoot (Justin Fuld, Tony Califano, Derek Dobson) and special guests.

With music by Time Travel Book Club
Sunday, October 19, 2pm
This 1916 enchanting re-imagining of the Jules Verne sci-fi classic is the first movie to be filmed underwater. Time Travel Book Club (Ryan Stewart, Andrew Siskind and guests) will use modular synthesis, guitar, piano, electronics, and percussion to create a soundscape evocative of the deep sea.

With music by lastdayshining
Wednesday, October 22, 7pm
This 1927 Fritz Lang masterpiece takes place against the backdrop of a futuristic city with a sharply divided population. Albany band lastdayshining is a hard-hitting, post-rock band with a sound characterized by expressive instrumental buildups that travel through a range of dynamic changes from quiet lows to bone-crushing highs.

With music by Yoma
Wednesday, October 29, 7pm
Unapologetically groundbreaking and avant-garde, this 1929 film follows a man documenting urban life as it blossoms around him in surreal and jarring ways. Yoma is a five-piece instrumental rock band from Albany that brings a fresh, hard-hitting sound to the genre.

With music by Clank
Sunday, November 2, 2pm
The Golem of Hebrew legend comes to life in Paul Wegener’s 1920 classic silent horror film. Clank is an electronic musical duo that uses synthesizers, samplers, effects pedals, electric guitars, and modifiers to create live soundscapes of spontaneous sounds, loops, and samples woven together.

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