LIVE: Marc Broussard @ The Egg, 10/4/14

Mingo Fishtrap jamming on percussion
Mingo Fishtrap jamming on percussion

Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Marc Broussard may have been the headliner, but this was really a super triple-bill at The Egg. Solo opener Andy Suzuki had the audience eating out of his hand with several audience participation numbers from his singer-songwriter grab-bag of tunes. He would have made a splash at a venue like Caffe Lena, but here he was serenading sever hundred people with his strong mix of covers and originals.

Up next Mingo Fishtrap literally floored the audience with their second-line entrance upon the stage and powerhouse delivery thereafter. By the second song they had the audience dancing in their seats and aisles, and they kept them there throughout their all-to-brief 45-minute set. Talk about New Orleans funk, classic rock, Motown soul and whatever else – Mingo Fishtrap had it down in spades and then some.

The question by the second intermission was whether Marc Broussard could follow the explosive aggregation. Well, he could, and he did!

Incorporating members of Mingo Fishtrap into his back-up band was a stroke of genius on Broussard’s part. He sailed upon the wind of greatness in that set, thanks to a great soulful voice and the backing of a crack band.

Holy cow, this was the number one concert to see in 2014. Broussard’s heart-felt vocals carried the lyrical line to the moon and back. Though a hair over 30, the man knows how to sing soulful ballads and rocking numbers, but by no means does he imitate other singers. Vocally speaking, he is his own man. He doesn’t just carry the tune – he owns it from the git-go.

If I were to choose the finest concerts in 2014, this one is at the top – the Number 1 slot so far. And the several hundred souls who witnessed this amazing concert would agree that it was in their top 10, to say the least.

Where were you for this magnificent event?

Put it down on your calendar if they come back. A must-see for the future!

Marc Broussard delivering a soulful vocal
Marc Broussard delivering a soulful vocal
Mongo Fishtrap's front man Roger Blevins, Jr.
Mongo Fishtrap’s front man Roger Blevins, Jr.
Andy Suzuki
Andy Suzuki
Mingo Fishtrap's Roger Belvins and Dane Farnsworth
Mingo Fishtrap’s Roger Belvins and Dane Farnsworth

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