FOR SALE: Nipper… Yes, the Big One!

The Arnoff Building is for sale.

By Greg Haymes

Nipper – the four-ton, 28-foot-tall canine icon who has been the faithful guardian of the Albany skyline for 60 years now – is up for sale… along with the building atop which he (or she) stands.

Nipper and the four-story building at 991 Broadway, as well as several adjacent properties are all owned by Arnoff Moving and Storage, which is looking to sell and relocate to a larger facility.

The asking price? $3.97 million.

Well, that’s a wee bit out of our price range, even for a giant multi-national comglomerate like But then one word flashed into our heads…


So… what if we started a fan-funded campaign to buy the Nipper and relocate the headquarters to the newly cool warehouse district of Albany? It’s a big building, and won’t fill it all, so we’ll invite all of our pals – All Over Albany, Keep Albany Boring, Metroland, Dark Wood Design, to move it on over (as George Thorogood would say) and transform part of the building into an alt-media hub.

Maybe we’ll throw a few retail shops and eateries in at the ground level – the return of Cathy’s Waffle Store, Just a Song, FantaCo? Of course, we’ll need an art gallery space. Firlefanz Gallery II? And a nightclub/performance space. Maybe the Guthrie Bell Ballroom? Tess Collins’ North Broadway Tavern? Valentine’s Dog House?

We’re open to suggestions…

Anyway, we’ve got $300 that we can throw into the kitty, so all we need now is about $3.96-and-a-half million more.

Who’s with us?

Michael DeMasi’s story at The Albany Business Review

  1. Richard Brody says

    I am all in -spiritually speaking. Dollars to follow, but you will probably still need over 3.96 mil.

  2. Von Haymes says

    I’ll toss in some $$, but again, you’ll still need over 3.96 million. I recently made a few bucks thru trade with relatives. Sorry it can’t be more ! Best of luck !

  3. J Hunter says

    Maybe we can talk them into selling Nipper separately. That’s got to cut the price SOMEWHAT…

  4. Dad says

    Money available next month.Need music(free).No crap.Money backers? Good luck. Love,Dad

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