Hot Cousins Get Engaged at the Low Beat: Hump Day Unusual Moment

Yeah, we know – that headline sounds like something out of The National Enquirer, eh?

But really, what else can you say, after fave Local 518 band Hot Cousin stopped Van Halen’s “Panama” dead in its tracks during their show at the Low Beat last Friday night (December 12)?

Seems as though bassist Charlie Monroe had something else on his mind – like proposing marriage to lead singer Nicole K.

Fortunately, she said, “Yes.”

And then they finished the song…

“Panama”? Really? Not even “Jump”?

  1. lynn b says

    I was fortunate to be there. What a great couple and exciting moment!

  2. Laura says

    panama cause it’s hot and sexy. Jump … For my love…. would be a tad bit presumptuous.

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