LIVE: Eastbound Jesus @ the Parish Public House, 12/6/14

Photographs by Timothy Reidy
Last year at the end of January/beginning of February last year, Greenwich “Northern Rock” band Eastbound Jesus stormed into Red Square in Albany to record their debut live album over the course of a weekend – 40 songs in all over the course of the two nights.
Over the next several months, the band pared ’em down to 14 selections and pressed ’em up as Ruff Stuff ‘Nuff Said – a whoopin’ live album, unadorned, unsweetened and without any overdubs.

When it came time to finally release the finished product in December, it seemed that Red Square was the obvious place to celebrate. But, of course, between the time of the album’s recording and its release, Red Square had been transformed into the Parish Public House.
Regardless of the name of the venue, the vibe in December was pretty much the same as it was a year ago when the album was recorded – a downtown nightclub transformed into a rambunctious, rollicking, rowdy roadhouse.
At the Public House, Eastbound Jesus didn’t play the entire album in order like so many bands do these days. Heck, they didn’t even play all of the songs from the album. But with some help from members of Plattsburgh’s Lucid – who also opened the show with a rousing set of their own – EBJ ripped it up, keeping the party rolling in high gear through two long sets and a trio of encores.
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