“Super Dark Home Video” Is Coming to a Screen Near You…

“Super Dark Home Video” is a Saratoga Springs-based public access television show. The show’s content is a compilation of years of video work (music videos, experimental shorts, live footage, skits and commentaries) by artists Shane Sanchez, Christopher Brown and Jason Cosco with contributions from other members of the Super Dark Collective.

Here’s the description of the six-episode first season, which launches at 12midnight on Saturday (March 28): “More of a psychedelic, surreal experience than a standard television show, Super Dark Home Video challenges the viewers, stringing them along on an audio/visual adventure beyond mindless entertainment. Season One follows the story of a Sad Boy in trouble whose reckless lifestyle leaves him captured in solitude with only a stack of VHS tapes and his own consciousness. He partakes on a mystical journey for understanding and spiritual cleansing when strange, outside forces come to his aid.”

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