A Great Big THANK YOU to Metroland Readers

Mine. All. Mine.

Nippertown.com CEO (Canine Executive Officer) Shelby offers a big smile and an even bigger THANK YOU!

Ah, yes, we’ve uncorked the champagne, and the bubbly is flowing in celebration of the results of the annual Metroland Readers’ Poll in this week’s issue of our fave weekly.

For the fifth consecutive year, Metroland readers bestowed top honors on Nippertown.com, voting us as the Best Local Arts Website. And for the fourth time in five years, Nippertown.com was also named Best Local Music Website. As the folks at Metroland wrote, “Breaking concert news, reviews, photos… Nippertown is On It.”

We’re just as proud of the results in the Best Local Arts Coverage category, where we were competing against the Big Boys of Print – Metroland, The Daily Gazette, The Times Union, etc. – and grabbed second place, just behind our friends at Metroland.

And Nippertown.com also grabbed a bronze medal in the Best Local Community Website category, snagging a third place finish behind our pals at All Over Albany and Keep Albany Boring.

So thank you, all of you astute and discerning Metroland readers, for showing us some big love. And we promise to do all that we can to continue to make Nippertown.com your go-to click-through for all area music, arts and entertainment info.

Now back to the party…

PS: Metroland’s website is still broken (it’s stuck in 2012), but you can view the complete results at the Metroland Blog. Or, of course, you can also grab a hard copy…

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  1. Andy Gregory says

    Yay Nippertown! But a hard copy isn’t required to see the results, it’s available through the Metroland Blog – http://metroland.typepad.com/blog/ – which isn’t stuck as far back in time.

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