“The Voice”: Sawyer Fredericks Goes Goo Goo


Sawyer Fredericks – the Local 518 youngster from Fultonville – still hasn’t lost his ever-present bowler hat, but he hasn’t lost his mojo, either. On Monday night’s (April 20) episode of NBC-TV’s hit singing competition, “The Voice,” the teenage farmboy tackled the Goo Goo Dolls’ big ballad “Iris” backed by a string section.

Not exactly what we’d describe as his strong suit – considering that he entered the whole competition with his simple, unadorned audition rendition of the folk song “A Man of Constant Sorrow.” But he nailed “Iris.” And the last lines of the song – the repeated lyrics, “I just want you to know who I am” – resonated deeply. Sawyer, everyone knows who you are now. A bang-up job.

Fan voting for “The Voice” contestants continues til the deadline of 12noon today (Tuesday, April 21), and we’re betting that Fredericks had the right stuff to advance from the Top 10 to the next Top 8 round without a problem. Tune in at 8pm tonight to find out…

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