Todd Nelson, What Do You Listen to on the Way Home from a Gig?

Nelson Quintana Esposito
Nelson Esposito Quintana

“If my ears aren’t totally exhausted after a gig, I’ll either listen to ‘Jazz After Hours’ from Seattle (I forget the name of the new host), or I’ll turn on some classical music. I find the change of instrumentation and structure helps displace what’s still playing in my head. I’m usually too tired to choose a CD by that time.”

Todd Nelson plays guitar in Nelson Esposito Quintana (the artists formerly known as TN3), who drop their new CD None of the Above with a release party at Albany’s Madison Theater at 8pm on Friday (May 8). Opening the show will be a reunion of Seven Rabbit Stew, featuring Nelson’s former Fear of Strangers bandmate Al Kash on drums. Tickets are $10, which includes a copy of the new CD.

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