No Rest Fest This Year


After five glorious years – three at the former St. Joseph’s Church in Albany and two more at the Contemporary Artists Center at Woodside in Troy – the annual Rest Fest (also known as the Restoration Festival and the Restoration Funstival) is taking a year off.

So we are sad to report, there will be no Rest Fest in 2015.

Which is not necessarily to say that Rest Fest is no more, but rather that the festival organizers – the fine folks of the B3nson Recording Co. – have decided that they need a year off to “recharge and refocus.”

Here’s the full email that Rest Fest organizers recently sent out:

Well, you all might be wondering why you haven’t heard much from the Rest Fest camp this spring. Some of it is due to the brutal winter that had us all locked indoors for the season, but most of it is because we have been doing a good deal of soul searching and decision making regarding Rest Fest.

In an effort to not delay the point of this message, there will be no Restoration Festival in 2015.

There are a multitude of reasons for this decision. Some are personal, and some are strategic, but we will say this: just because we are not throwing Rest Fest this year does not mean that it is gone for good. It has been an incredible five years, and we have all grown so much between the first time we opened up the doors to the fabled St. Joe’s in Arbor Hill and the last time we descended down the hill of the Contemporary Artists Center at Woodside.

We have the utmost respect and gratitude for our community and scene, and honestly, the hardest part of this decision is the knowledge that we won’t have a dedicated weekend this summer where we will be able to hang out with all of you.

We could go on for days about the memories but really, we are just taking the year off to recharge and refocus in hopes of bringing you more great local and regional culture in the future.

Here’s hoping that Rest Fest is resurrected for 2016. It’s too good, too important and too much fun to let it simply slip away…

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