Five Reasons to See The Bad Plus Joshua Redman @ Alive at Five Today


Story by J Hunter
Drawing by Charles H. Haymes

At this time of year, you usually only see second-generation tenor man Joshua Redman and the infamous acoustic trio The Bad Plus at places like Freihofer’s Saratoga Jazz Festival, where the price of a 1-day lawn pass is $60 and inside seats go for $85 a pop – and that’s before you throw down for whatever expensive-but-worth-it drinks and vittles are for sale. Alive at Five is a free show. Do the math.

This dizzying pairing is like one of those one-off comic books where superheroes you normally never see together – Superman and Spider-Man, for instance – have a hellacious fight before joining forces and defeating some amorphous super-villain. This show pairs an artist and a band that have cut separate (but equally brilliant) swathes through the jazz world over the last 20 years. The only villains on hand at Jennings Landing will be heat and humidity, and we’ll all be fighting them.

The new Nonesuch album The Bad Plus Joshua Redman is the current leader in the race for Best Jazz2K Disc of 2015. Featuring sensational, exploratory, all-original material from Redman and TBP, you can definitely hear the effect each entity has on the other: The trio displays a focus that was rarely available on their 2014 OKeh disc Inevitable Western, while Redman does what he usually does when he’s working with players that push him – he shifts into high gear and puts the pedal to the metal!

Every time these artists have appeared live in Greater Nippertown, the results have been incredible. TBP’s February, 2014 show at The Egg proved they don’t need to rely on covers of Black Sabbath, Nirvana and Vangelis to both amaze and excite; Redman’s come through the area on his own and with the jazz supergroup James Farm, and the live experience really seems to galvanize him. Throw in a hot opening act like The Chronicles, and this could be a show we’ll talk about at the end of the year.

And THE NUMBER ONE REASON to see The Bad Plus Joshua Redman:

Alive at Five is here! That means no matter what the calendar may say, SUMMER HAS ARRIVED! SO LET’S PARTY!!!

Alive at Five kicks off its 2015 season of summer concerts with the powerhouse jazz collaboration of The Bad Plus Joshua Redman at Jennings Landing at Albany’s Corning Preserve at 5pm today (Thursday, June 11). Opening the show are Local 518 fave jazz-funksters The Chronicles. Admission is FREE.

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