LIVE: Charmboy @ Alive at Five, 7/23/15


Photographs by Timothy Reidy

Featuring guitarist Eric Halder, bassist Sarah Clark and drummer Scott Smith, Local 518 crunchmeisters Charmboy opened for the Edgar Winter Band at the July 23 Alive at Five concert at Jennings Landing, nicely setting the stage for the monster sounds of “Frankenstein” and the rest of Winter’s set.

LIVE: The Edgar Winter Band @ Alive at Five, 7/23/15

UPCOMING: There’s just one more Alive at Five concert coming your way this summer, but it’s a doozie. At 5pm on Thursday (August 6) at Jennings Landing, it’s Blue Oyster Cult with Blotto, a reunion of the original Blot & Blue Tour, which traversed the country way back in 1983. Of course, admission is FREE. See ya there…





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  1. Von Haymes says

    I’d be there in a heartbeat if I was in town ! Have “Too Much Fun” guys ! Love, Miss Y-Von Blotto !

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