Flashback: 1969 WPTR Super Sound Survey

What was the Number One hit record around Nippertown on this date back in 1969?

Survey says…


  1. catdeli says

    It was around this time in 1969 when I was flipping around the AM dial on my folks kitchen radio one evening. I came across “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town” on some distant station and stopped to listen. Suddenly the DJ came on in the middle of the song and was foaming at the mouth about the song’s lyrics. I then heard him roughly take the 45 off and he smashed it to pieces right on the air.

  2. Manny says

    Oh my, the “power pick” is Jean written by Rod Mckuen. How 1969!

  3. Andy Gregory says

    Anyone else notice that the “r” in wptr resembles the side view of a needle on a record, with the record turned vertically? Also, “The Led Zepplin” – wasn’t that the show around Robert Plant’s 21st birthday? And, Sears, on the cutting edge of groovy fashion!

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