THEATER Review: “An Intervention” @ Williamstown Theatre Festival [Berkshire on Stage]

Review by Larry Murray

Because of visa problems the Williamstown Theatre Festival had to reluctantly cancel performances of Chewing Gum Dreams, which was scheduled to play with An Intervention. Michaela Coel, the author and key performer was unable to make the trip to the US from the UK.

This enabled the Festival to make some interesting arrangements with its two casts for An Intervention, and resulted in the doubleheader performance I saw this afternoon, with additional double performances slated for Wednesday (August 19) and Thursday (August 20) at 7:30pm and Friday (August 21) at 8:00. The final performances will be on Saturday (August 22) with Cast Two (Betty Gilpin and Debargo Sanyal) and Sunday (August 23) with Cast One (Josh Hamilton and Justin Long).

The play, as its title implies, is about friends and interventions – politically as in supporting going to war – and personally, as in trying to prevent a friend from drinking themselves to death.

In both iterations, it is the character called simply “A” (Josh Hamilton or Betty Gilpin) who love the sauce and “B” (Justin Long or Debargo Sanyal) who is trying to intervene. The differing opinions on the rightness of the war, whether too much drinking is going on, and a new girlfriend for “B” complicate matters.

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