FLASHBACK: The Grand Opening of JB’s Theatre Was 30 Years Ago Today

Today (August 24) marks the 30th anniversary of the grand opening of JB’s Theatre, the concert venue that opened in the former roller rink behind Westgate Plaza after JB Scotts burned down.

TRIVIA QUIZ: How many bands can you name that played the opening weekend of JB’s Theatre?

Just write your answer as a comment below. (Comments won’t be revealed until the winner is announced on Tuesday, August 25.) One point for each correct answer; one point deducted for each incorrect answer. High score will win some kinda prize that we dig out of the vast Nippertown archive. In case of a tie, a winner will be selected randomly from the entrants with the most correct answers…


  1. Marc Reiter says

    The Hooters! (as opener for Squeeze, if memory serves me)
    R.E.M. & The Three O’Clock (“Jet Fighter”!)

  2. Mark Wheeler says

    Bangles, Squeeze

  3. Mark Foster says

    Fabulous Newports opened for
    Eric Burdon and the Animals
    on opening night.

    that’s what I recall- Rabb w/ me + Eddie, Buck and Windo were going to do it but Vinnie wasn’t going to pay.
    Newports didn’t involve any backline gear, so they could ‘hit it and quit it’
    Burdon had on the rider that they required some minimal drum backline, so they had to send someone to my house to pick up a snare, pedal and throne (where it sat backstage)- deliver it back, and pay me $100-
    as Bert would say “that’s showbiz, babe!”

  4. michael eck says

    First act up was Shawn Phillips, composer of that memorable little ditty, “She Was Waiting For Her Mother At The Station In Torino And You Know I Love You Baby But It’s Getting Too Heavy To Laugh.”

  5. steve nover says

    Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble, REM, The Hooters

  6. Fred says

    I recall the Three O’Clock/ REM double bill.

  7. Stanley Johnson says

    I don’t remember the opening, but during it’s too brief existence I remember Phantom, Rocker & Slick during a big snowstorm, Eric Burdon playing a masterful show to a handfull of fans, Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts playing separately and together and one of the best Band shows ever, less than a month before Richard Manuel’s death.

  8. Marc says

    I remember the Squeeze/Hooters show, and I also remember seeing The Alarm there, although I don’t remember who may have played with them off the top of my head. Great memories, both. But if I really missed seeing The Band play there? Not. Happy.

  9. Rudy says

    I remember the then partially reunited band playing there a short time before Richard Manuel committed suicide in 1986 or was it 87?

  10. michael eck says

    Whoops. I was thinking the club, not the theatre.

  11. Normando says

    I think The Rescue opened for The Alarm. They were the opener on a few local Alarm shows.

  12. Larry Love says

    Michael Eck mentioned Shawn Phillips and I bet a lot of folks don’t know he sang background on The Beatles “Lovely Rita”. He wasn’t credited and was in England visiting his friend Donovan. They were guests in the studio the day The Beatles were recording the song.

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