ArtBeat: “Lit” @ Albany International Airport Gallery [Get Visual]

Scott Nelson Foster, Real and Imaginary Houses 12 - oil on panel
Scott Nelson Foster, “Real and Imaginary Houses 12” – oil on panel

Review by David Brickman

The sky was performing spectacularly at the end of a stormy day, which provided the ideal preparation for Lit, a theme show about phenomena of light at Albany International Airport Gallery that runs through Sunday, September 13. As with all the shows presented at this generous venue, Lit is intelligent and friendly, and features outstanding artists from the greater Capital Region as both a showcase of regional talent and an oasis of uplifting culture for weary travelers.

But you don’t have to be traveling to enjoy these exhibitions – the gallery area is open to the public, parking is free for the first half-hour, and the hours (7am-11pm daily) make it the most accessible high-quality art space anywhere. I was drawn to this show particularly by the inclusion of a few of my favorite artists from around these parts, but also by the theme. After all, without light, we wouldn’t exist.

Lit features six artists and a collaborative: a spare number, yet enough to cover a lot of bases here, including sculpture, industrial design, two extremely different approaches to photography, drawing, painting and projection. The work in the show is approximately evenly divided between color and monochrome, with most of the color coming from the palettes of sculptor Victoria Palermo and painter Scott Nelson Foster.

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