The Egg Announces New Concert

The Egg in Albany has announced that Beatles tribute band the Fab Four will take the stage of the Hart Theatre at 7pm on Sunday, February 21.

Priced at $39.50, tickets are currently on sale.

Of course, this could cause a bit of confusion at The Egg’s box office as Beatles tribute band the Fab Faux are already scheduled to play the Hart Theatre at 7:30pm on Saturday, April 30. Tickets for that concert are also on sale, priced at $39, $49 & $66.

  1. Ambassador Feelgood says

    In the future when Nippertown does the preview teasers on social media for concert announcements, could you please use the words “tribute band concert announcement” for shows like this? That way, fans of these talented mimics will be even more excited as they wonder which “Nation’s #1 _______ Tribute” is coming to a stage or nightclub near them next, and fans of original music won’t be disappointed to click on a thread hoping for something more, only to find that they’ve been skunked once again. Just an idea.

  2. Greg says

    Ambassador Feelgood,

    I feel your tribute-band pain. I’ll do my best to be more sympathetic – rather than pathetic – in the future…

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