Dave Davies, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

“I couldn’t afford to buy a whole album, but they used to have 10-inch vinyl records with about five tracks on them that were cheaper than the 12-inch albums. And those were three of the earliest records that I remember having the money to buy.

“One of them was a Barney Kessel record. Another was by Hank Williams. But the very first 45 that I bought was ‘The Ballad of a Teenage Queen’ by Johnny Cash. That was the first actual record that I bought out of my own pocket money. There was a great track on the other side of it, too – ‘Big River’ – with a great guitar riff in it.”

In support of his latest solo album, “Rippin’ Up Time,” the legendary guitarist of the Kinks, Dave Davies takes over the Swyer Theatre at The Egg at 8pm tonight (Monday, October 26) with his own band. Tickets are $59.50.

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