LIVE: Kaki King’s “The Neck Is the Bridge to the Body” @ The Egg, 2/26/16


Photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Kaki King has long been recognized as a truly masterful guitarist. Her music is adventurous, exploratory and ambitious.

But her latest innovative concert project, The Neck Is the Bridge to the Body, takes it to another level altogether, melding King’s mesmerizing guitar instrumentals with an eye-popping visual display that brought her guitar to life, not just as a musical instrument to be played, but also as a canvas to be painted and as character to converse with.

In performance at The Egg in Albany recently, the hour-long visual and live music performance utilized the guitar as a projection screen to tell a creation story, a semi-abstract narrative that explored identity. The result was involving, immersive and intoxicating.



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