The Arab Spring Songstress Comes to North Adams [Berkshire On Stage]

When singer-songwriters dig down deep into their soul, they can change the world. Such is the case with Emel Mathlouthi, at 7:30pm on Thursday (March 31) when she steps onto the stage of the Eleanor Furst Roberts Auditorium at the MCLA Church Street Center in North Adams.

A strong, strident songstress whose intensity is cloaked in melliflous vocals, Mathlouthi is also known for her role as a leading artist in the Arab Spring. Born in Tunis, she was shunned from her country’s official airwaves but rose to prominence through social media.

Mathlouthi began her artistic career at the age of eight in Ibn Sina, a suburb of Tunis. As a young adult she moved to France to pursue her career as a singer. Already banned from the airwaves in her home country, in 2010 her song “Kelmti Horra” (My Word is Free) was taken up by the Arab Spring revolutionaries and sung on the streets of Tunis.

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