Hump Day Unusual Moment

A HUMP DAY CLASSIC: I remember loaning the Lol Coxhill album Ear of the Beholder to Lin Brehmer so he could play “I Am the Walrus” on his original Hump Day Unusual Moment on WQBX-FM WQBK-FM. Not sure if I ever got the album back from him. Haven’t heard this song since then… until now.

This one’s for you, Lin…

  1. Wailin says

    Wasn’t it WQBK? Or is my memory fading …

  2. Greg says

    Of course, you’re right. I have no idea where that X came from, unless it jumped off of Brehmer’s current radio home, WXRT-FM…

  3. Wailin says

    Ha! Loved that station and all the personalities. Cutting edge stuff at the time and a lot of fun.

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