Upstate Artists Guild to Leave Lark Street

This just in from Rebecca Schoonmaker, Upstate Artist Guild’s vice president and gallery co-manager:

It is with a heavy heart that we announce to our Upstate Artist Guild supporters that we will be moving out of the gallery space we have called home for 11 years.

247 Lark Street became our home on September 17th 2005 Lark Fest. Many renovations, gallons of paint, LED lighting, blood, sweat and tears have gone into the structure of the space. Over 500 artists have exhibited their work on our walls, on our floors and hanging from our ceiling. We have hosted over 1000 events including years of ASAC (Albany Sonic Arts Collective), WORD FEST (Albany Poets), People’s Choice Show (Art on Lark), Gingerbread FunShop (Winter WonderLark), Albany Spiritual Seekers, Comedy, Drag, Burlesque, Music, Improv, Meetings and more.

Over the years, members have dug into our own pockets to pay rent and other expenses. This past year, attendance is down, membership is down, and people just aren’t volunteering or donating like they used to. We are low on funds and manpower, so we are temporarily giving up our gallery space after our October show while we re-organize.

This move will keep the Upstate Artists Guild running, and we plan to continue hosting 1st Friday events and have a pop-up show (still themed and accepting submissions) for each 1st Friday starting with November. We will most likely be at the current gallery space (247 Lark Street) for the November 1st Friday. The shows will only be the one night or possibly the weekend depending on the circumstance. We still plan on hosting our events – just in different spaces until we find a new home. Our goal is to find something more affordable and perhaps with another organization by April 2017’s 1st Friday.

Thank you for your past and continued support!

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  1. Timothy Reidy says

    This year I had 2 back room shows in this gallery and they both were not well attended.
    The viewers is not coming out to galleries in vast quantities and it is starting to show in this area of NY.

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