ArtBeat: “The World Through His Lens” @ MWPAI [Get Visual]

Steve McCurry - Holi Man. Rajasthan, India 1996, color photograph
Steve McCurry – Holi Man. Rajasthan, India 1996, color photograph

By David Brickman

My friend and fellow photographer Ben met me recently at the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute in Utica to see the Steve McCurry exhibition there and to talk shop.

It was well worth the trip. McCurry is a supremely talented photographer who creates beautiful and compelling color images, often choosing them for their storytelling qualities. The show, titled “The World Through His Lens” and comprising 60 pictures from three decades, will hang through Saturday, December 31. I urge you to find time to go see it, especially if you are interested in this sort of thing, but also if you are a human being, as this work speaks directly to the human condition that we all share.

I’d like to add a suggestion that you go by Sunday (October 2) to see a joyful installation by Hartwick College painter and fused-glass artist Terry Slade, titled Dreams and Apparitions, as Slade’s work is always good fun, and this is one of his most ambitious efforts yet. A large-scale piece hanging in the museum’s interior sculpture court is “intended to evoke contemplation of our place as humans in the universe,” making it a fine companion piece to the McCurry show that hangs nearby.

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