Other Voices, Other Rooms…

From CRUMBS Local Music Blog: Andy Gregory writes about “Land of Hate,” a new political protest song penned by former New York State Republican politician Jack Casey.

From The Times Union/All Over Albany: Wendy Liberatore’s not-quite-accurate TU story “LarkFest in the future might be alcohol-free” led to AOA’s “Thoughts on LarkFest in the future”

From the Rogovoy Report: Seth Rogovoy reports on the End of Summer Shindig, which introduced Lumberyard, a new Catskill performance venue.

From Paste: Geoffrey Himes’ Curmudgeon Column asks the burning question, “Does Bob Dylan Deserve a Nobel Prize?”

From The Spot 518: Mickey Splvin reviews Breaking Skin, the new debut EP from Saratoga Springs rockers Angels on the Fourth.

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