MEDIA: The Continuing Decline of the Local 518’s Arts Coverage

It’s not pretty…

It’s been sliding downhill rapidly for quite a while now, but Greater Nippertown’s mainstream local arts coverage has taken a precipitous – and perhaps irreversible – downturn with The Troy Record’s decision to marginalize its weekly Weekender arts & entertainment section. The Thursday, September 29 edition was the last publication of the Weekender for 2016.

It’s just the latest nail in the coffin of Greater Nippertown arts coverage by the mainstream media.

Weekender – The Troy Record’s answer to The Times Union’s Preview and The Daily Gazette’s Ticket, all published as part of the respective daily newspapers’ Thursday what’s-going-on-around-town-this-weekend publications – has folded up shop. At least until next year.

According to Charlie Kraebel, managing editor of The Saratogian, The Record and Community News, “We’re putting Weekender on hiatus starting in October until Memorial Day… the decision was made to make Weekender a summer-only publication.”


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  1. -R. says

    TBH, with the demise of Metroland I tend to come to you first for information on musical events occurring in the area as you folks are the only publication on-line or in print that is completely comprehensive. Preview, the Weekender, and the utterly dreadful 518Spot tend to leave many many holes in their musical event coverage. Here’s hoping Overit’s venture with the Gazette – Alt -fills a rather gaping void in the area’s arts coverage.

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