The Alt: Kinda Like Metroland?

The Alt

It’s been a year since Metroland published its last issue.

Then back in July, it was announced that The Daily Gazette, Overit and Proctors were collaborating on a new publication, The Alt.

Despite the fact that there’s absolutely nothing on their website, The Alt – the upcoming Greater Nippertown weekly/website – looks like it’s starting to take shape.

As we previously reported, David Howard King – formerly of Metroland – has been named editor and associate publisher of the publication, which is currently slated to launch sometime next month. And Alay Medina – formerly of Metroland – has signed on as sales director.

On Monday evening, Shawn Stone – former arts editor of Metroland – tweeted “As of today, I am the digital editor of @thealtweekly… and I’m very excited about it.”

And wasn’t that Paul Rapp – former Metroland columnist (“Rapp on This”) – deep in conversation with The Alt folks at McGeary’s Pub earlier in the day on Monday?

OK, I think we can all see where this is going… But if the folks at The Alt can just coax Al Qualieri to resurrect his “Al Things Considered” column, I’m in. Totally…

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PS: And if you’re wondering what former Metroland editor/publisher Steve Leon has been up to lately, you can check him out here…

  1. FLH Blotto says

    And people are saying that Greg Haymes will be The Alt’s inaugural Fox Of The Month!

  2. JES says

    I’m witholding judgment until I see who wins “Best Interpretive Artist” in the first critics’ picks. Also until I know how their editorial team feels about The Good Rats and Iron Butterfly’s “Ball.”

    (Srsly, though, congrats and huttah for all those engaged!)

  3. Erastus Coming says

    Different circus, same clowns I am afraid. Same sausage party that ran snarky reviews without bylines, same people who didn’t cover events of national/international acts blocks away from wherever their office might be located in favor of former Metroland editors’ gigs 90 miles away in another state that nobody drives to on the reg. Same folks who never listened to their readership without getting all butthurt and lashing out. Sometimes you just have to shrug.

  4. Andy Gregory says

    FLH Blotto, I believe that other people – not me – are saying that Greg will be the Silver Haired Fox of the Month.

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