CLARIFICATION: Regarding the Demise of Metroland

In the wake of’s story on Tuesday (October 18) updating the progress of the upcoming alt-weekly The Alt, former Metroland editor Steve Leon sent us this email:

Since you’re writing about alt-weeklies new and old, I would like to clear up one misconception. Metroland was not shut down by NYS Tax & Finance, nor did they seize any property. They changed the locks in an attempt to collect some back taxes, which they did about two weeks later when some ad payments came in. I got the keys back and actually used the office for two more months to wind things down (I had prepaid the rent, imagine that!).

The decision to close Metroland had already been made, in fact we (the majority shareholders) originally planned to cease publishing in July 2015. You may or may not remember that I went public with our intent to sell that month – that was our stay of execution and our last hope. We then moved the closure date to the end of the year, and the tax action was just inconvenient enough to fold several weeks ahead of schedule.

Six years of declining revenues and steady losses will do that to you.

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  1. PL says

    Interesting comment from Steve Leon. So, if the decision to close Metroland by a certain date had already been made, did the staff members know that? Because I don’t think they did. At least the ones I’ve talked to had no idea. So either Steve knew Metroland was closing down and didn’t tell his staff, which is pretty crappy, or this story is a crock of s&^t.

  2. Tom Lindsay says

    While Metroland staffers certainly have a right to disagree with Steve’s take on things, I think the rest of us should just look to the future and thank all those making a sincere effort on behalf of our arts & entertainment community.

    That certainly includes this wonderful website and The Spot 518.

  3. Bo Berezansky says

    Thanks for the comment Tom, and the mention of The Spot518…..sometimes we get left out of the conversation.

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