Sean Rowe Meets “The Accountant”

Yes, that’s Sean Rowe’s song “To Leave Something Behind” in the soundtrack to the new hit film “The Accountant”

The song – released as a single on Anti Records in 2013 – plays at the closing of the film, which stars Ben Affleck.

The soundtrack also features music by Bach, My Morning Jacket’s Jim James and trumpeter-composer Mark Isham.

  1. dick solberg says

    I liked the song so much I had to stay through the credits to find out who it was!

  2. Mike H says

    Also, the track was engineered by local 518-er Frank Moscowitz!

  3. docfrenzy says

    Great to see Sean get national exposure like this! Also Mark Isham has come a long, long way from his Windham Hill days, and is a top-notch composer of film scores.

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