FILM: “The Accountant” [Get Visual]

Review by David Brickman

OK, so it didn’t get the greatest reviews, and it’s a Hollywood action thriller (not my thing), but I couldn’t resist the topic, so I went to see “The Accountant” this weekend – and it was fun. Too violent, yes, with a plot full of holes, but entertaining and in some ways really well done. (BTW, if you’re still wondering why this art reviewer couldn’t resist the film’s topic, see my profile.)

Ben Affleck stars as a sociopathic killing machine with autism, who also happens to be a CPA, and who – we learn gradually – operates according to his own moral code (just like all Hollywood sociopathic killing machines). But how often do you get to see a leading man with autism? (Pretty often, now that I think of it, considering “Rain Man,” “A Beautiful Mind,” “Good Will Hunting,” “The Imitation Game”…)

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