LIVE: Ani DiFranco @ The Egg, 11/9/16

Ani DiFranco
Ani DiFranco

Photographs by Bryan Lasky

The self-described “little folksinger,” Ani DiFranco was the perfect antidote to the previous day’s presidential election – defiant, galvanizing and as always, staunchly independent.

Backed by Todd Sickafoose on upright bass and Terence Higgins on the drums, DiFranco made the most of her time in the spotlight at The Egg’s Hart Theatre last week, although she was obviously preaching to the converted.

Allergic to Water
Not a Pretty Girl
Welcome To
Both Hands
Fire Door
My I.Q.
Two Little Girls
If He Tries Anything
Your Next Bold Move
Alla This
Play God (with Chastity Brown & Luke Enyeart)
Woe Be Gone
Binary (with Chastity Brown & Luke Enyeart)
Joyful Girl

Excerpt from David Singer’s review at The Daily Gazette: “Ani DiFranco made it through one song before she started in about the elections the previous day. ‘We are going to get pushed like we’ve never been pushed before,’ she told a full house at the Egg’s Hart Theater on Wednesday night. ‘And we are going to push back.’ To this, and to every similar comment, the crowd erupted. Playing with a drummer and a stand-up bassist, she carried the melody on her acoustic guitar and vocals. It was good to have musicians with her, but in some ways they watered down the intensity that a solo DiFranco delivers. After assuring the crowd, ‘we are going to get through this together,’ she launched into ‘Allergic to Water,’ a clever song with lines like ‘If you stretch your mind all the way as far as it goes, there’s someone out there who lives further than that.'”

Ani DiFranco
Ani DiFranco
Ani DiFranco
Ani DiFranco
Chastity Brown
Chastity Brown
Chastity Brown
Chastity Brown
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