1. vdub says

    Too early to judge, but I will say the Alt’s music listing is unusable. For me, a listing by date is most useful. A listing by Club name should at least be alphabetical. The Alt’s is neither.

  2. J Hunter says

    Or is it Memorex?

  3. zigtronics says

    And where is it distributed? The Harriman Campus would be nice!

  4. matt maloney says

    Well, they are off to a good start with their cover, sex always sells. Let’s hope they do more than complain in their editorials about taxes not being “progressive” (high) enough, then neglect to pay their own!!

  5. Rose says

    Could not find anywhere. Must be distributed in Schenectady outlets. Dislike the cover. New mag and already will alienate some folks. What kind of “entertainment” mag is this anyway, a gents only one? Pole dancer???? Sheesh!

  6. Mike says

    A Metroland wannabe that doesn’t make the cut. Any bets on how long this one lasts?

  7. Dave says

    Harrumph, harrumph. I want my entertainment sources to be nice and bland like Nippertown!

  8. Richard Lovrich says

    THE ALT settles in to the Metroland racks like a hermit crab borrowing an old shell. The circle of life.

  9. PL says

    Putting a stripper on a cover doesn’t make a news mag cutting edge, Dave.

  10. James says

    The young females writing in the first few numbers bodes well, but having the same old old MF’s like Rapp and Axel is wack.

  11. Leo Purvis says

    3 weeks out is a little early to slam it…….

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