BEST OF 2016: TV Guide’s Top Television Shows

Yes, it’s that time of year once again – best of the year list-time, that is. We’re gathering together Best of 2016 from various media outlets, our own contributors and our readers, too. (Sure, just email ’em to us…)

Here’s TV Guide’s list of the Top 10 Television Shows of the year, as compiled by Alexander Zalben:

10. “This Is Us” (NBC)
9. “Westworld” (HBO)
8. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (CW)
7. “The Good Place” (NBC)
6. “Rectify” (Sundance)
5. “Atlanta” (FX)
4. “The Night Of” (HBO)
3. “Better Call Saul” (AMC)
2. “Stranger Things” (Netflix)
1. “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” (FX)

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  1. Stanley Johnson says

    My favorite TV in 2016 must include The Walking Dead (AMC), Daredevil & Jessica Jones (Netflix), Supergirl (CW), Celebrity Name Game (CBS), Sunday Morning (CBS) and Lucky Dog (CBS). It does not include election coverage.

  2. Greg says

    I’s have to say that my fave TV show of the year was the haunting 2012 French series Les Revenants (The Returned), which is currently available on Netflix Instantwatch. On the flip side, I also quite enjoyed Maria Bamford’s surreal Netflix comedy, Lady Dynamite…

  3. Stanley Johnson says

    The Returned is also available in an American Version, which left me cliff hanging, as these series will.

  4. Greg says

    Yeah, I watched the American A&E remake, too, but it was nowhere near as creepy or spellbinding…

  5. James says

    TV along with facebook feeds and twitter made Trump, ergo no one with self respect or a modicum of intelligence should watch TV… I tossed mine 20 years ago.

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