LIVE: The Fleshtones @ the Hangar on the Hudson, 10/15/16

Videos by Timothy Reidy

Troy is the hometown of the Fleshtones’ drummer Bill Milhizer, so it’s no big surprise that the veteran garage rockers have made the Collar City their home-away-from-home with semi-recent performances at the River Street Pub and the now-defunct Positively Fourth Street.

On their latest foray into town they made their debut at Troy’s Hangar on the Hudson, but, of course, the results were the same – a high-energy, no-frills blast of rockin’ and rollin’. They call it “super rock,” and it’s a mighty apt description. This time around, they were celebrating their 40th anniversary (!!!) by showcasing an array of tunes from their new album, The Band Drinks for Free. And that’s another apt description…

And as usual, no stage could contain them, as the bandmembers – in addition to Milhizer, they’re frontman Peter Zaremba, guitarist Keith Streng and bassman Ken Fox – frequently launch out into the crowd for some up-close-and-personal rollickin.’

With the bee-hived Joanna Palladino at the microphone, the Local 518’s premier rock-lounge trio Off the Record warmed up the matinee crowd with a batch of ’60s throwback tunes.

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