LIVE: “Anything Mose” @ The Falcon, 1/11/17

Anything Mose
“Anything Mose”: An exciting tribute to the music of Mose Allison

Review and photographs by Rudy Lu

Pianist-singer-composer Mose Allison was one of the many great musicians that passed away last year. If you are a rock fan and have never heard of him, you have surely heard his work. Bonnie Raitt (“Everybody’s Crying Mercy”), the Yardbirds (“I’m Not Talking”), Johnny Winter (“Parchman Farm”) and the Who (“Young Man Blues”) all have covered Mose’s tunes, which are the the definition of hip, with a bluesy delta feel to them (he was from Mississippi) and frequently humorous, sarcastic lyrics.

His music is the subject of a recent project that started as collaboration between singer-guitarist Richard Julian and pianist John Chin several years ago. This has blossomed into five-piece band that now includes Stacey Dillard (tenor saxophone), Bill Campbell (drums) and Matt Pavolka (bass).

With the quintet format, some of the tunes had quite a different feel to them than Allison’s original versions when “Anything Mose” took the stage of The Falcon in Marlboro recently.

“Parchman Farm”: A lament sung by a convict about his unjust sentence at the notorious prison farm was delivered with dark forboding, so there was no surprise to the final lyric, “All I did was shot my wife.”

“Molecular Structure”: The humor of Mose’s tribute to the female form was accented with John Chin playing electronic keyboard with a wah-wah pedal.

“Your Mind Is on Vacation”: Featured an extended instrumental break with a B3-like solo by John Chin.

Riding over the solid backbone of the Campbell-Pavolka rhythm section, Stacy Dillard showed his sensitivity and taste by accompanying quietly as needed and providing some explosive fireworks when given a little space.

And at the end of the evening, I felt assured that the music of Mose will live on for future generations of music fans.

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Richard Julian
Richard Julian
Stacy Dillard
Stacy Dillard
Matt Pavolka
Matt Pavolka
John Chin
John Chin
Bill Campbell
Bill Campbell
  1. steve says

    Is that the same Richard Julian who was part of a Norah Jones side project, and who opened locally for Suzanne Vega years ago? And as I recall was a decent songwriter himself.

  2. Greg says


    Yes, indeed, the very same multi-talented Mr. Julian…

  3. Richard Brody says

    Rudy – great shots as always and a fine brief retrospective on the impact that Mose had on some unlikely folks. He is missed.

  4. Rudy says

    Thanks Rich.

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