LIVE: K.T. Tunstall @ The Egg, 2/24/17

K.T. Tunstall
K.T. Tunstall

Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

For her recent solo performance at The Egg, the Scottish K.T. Tunstall brought along her own back-up band, “mostly Japanese,” she stated, referring to her electronics and the electric instruments surrounding her.

She delivered a splendid show to a large audience. Her repertoire ran the gamut from her early hit songs (notably her 2005 break-through “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”) to choice selections from her upcoming album. Folk-like melodies segued into soft rockers with punchy rhythmic beats (provided by the “Japanese” ensemble), and everything in between conveyed her past hits and new material since she settled in as a state-side resident in Los Angeles.

She created a wide sonic signature within the Swyer Theater delivering great warmth and intimacy. Refreshing, she didn’t use a lap-top to generate her accompanying music, but rather augmented her guitar and voice with impressive looping skills. She even coaxed the audience to lend their voices to the musical mix, imitating kick-drums and cymbals for a song or two.

To round out the night in a sentence or two; KT Tunstall came to The Egg to deliver a fab solo concert. “I’m here now in the states from Scotland, she explained, “and I have lots of great music to share with everyone. I’m so happy that you’re came here to see me.” She even came out after the show to say hi and sign autographs in the lobby for everyone who stayed. That’s a class act if there ever was one.

Miniature Disasters
On My Star
It Took Me so Long to Get Here, But Here I Am
Invisible Empire
Other Side of the World
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree/Seven Nation Army (White Stripes)
Yellow Flower
Hold On/Walk Like an Egyptian (The Bangles)
Feel It All
Nothing Compares 2 U (Prince)
Heal Over
Stoppin’ the Love
Through the Dark
Suddenly I See

K.T. Tunstall
K.T. Tunstall
K.T. Tunstall
K.T. Tunstall
Kelvin Jones
Opening act Kelvin Jones

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