Greg Bell Celebrates 25 Years of Promoting Concerts

By Greg Haymes

DISCLAIMER: I couldn’t possibly even pretend to be objective about what Greg Bell and Guthrie/Bell Productions have done for the Nippertown music scene. He’s been a good friend for decades now – he was even my roommate for a while in the late ’70s – but it’s no exaggeration to say that the Capital Region jam band scene certainly wouldn’t it be what it is today if it weren’t for his hard work and dedication. Heck, it might not even exist…

Albany concert promoter Greg Bell of Guthrie/Bell Productions is celebrating 25 years of making music happen in clubs and concert venues throughout Greater Nippertown.

Back on April 1, 1992, Two Fools Present – Greg Bell and Dale Metzger were the pair of fools – produced the first of their concerts at Albany’s Masonic Lodge on lower Madison Avenue. That April Fool’s Day bash featured the Sharks, Kevin McKrell’s Hard Times, MotherJudge and Brian Kenny & Friends. They presented two or three more club shows and a festival before parting ways.

In 1993, Bell partnered with Jeff Guthrie to form Guthrie/Bell Productions, and although Guthrie left the business a few years later, Bell has continued to work under that name, promoting literally hundreds of shows all around the Local 518 during the past quarter-century.

Over the years, Bell has brought numerous now-national acts to town for their area debut, including moe., the Disco Biscuits, Michael Frante, Matisyahu, Gogol Bordello, Umphreys McGee, Grace Potter, Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright… to name just a few.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the first show that he promoted in Greater Nippertown, Bell and Guthrie/Bell Productions are presenting three special events at Albany’s Hollow Bar + Kitchen during the month of April. All three shows will be held at the Hollow Bar + Kitchen in Albany, and each show will feature bands with whom Bell has worked with over the past 25 years.

Here are the details for the Guthrie/Bell 25th anniversary shows for April:

With School Bus Yellow and Hartley’s Encore
Saturday (April 1), 8pm
$12 in advance; $15 at the door

With Mitch Elrod & MotherJudge and the Grassroots Rebels (featuring members of Jerkwater Ruckus)
Saturday, April 15, 8pm
$12 in advance; $15 at the door

With Lynch (featuring members of Conehead Buddha and Schleigho) and the Eastern Highs (featuring members of Free Beer & Chicken)
Friday, April 28
$12 in advance; $15 at the door

  1. Michael Eck says

    All hail Greg Bell. A great man, a kind man and a generous man. Thank you for the gigs you’ve given me over these many years and thank you even more for all the wonderful shows I’ve enjoyed as a patron. And thanks to Marilyn, too, for putting up with you putting on all those concerts!

  2. Jack Chaskey says

    Congratulations to Greg and Marilyn on 25 years of dedication and hard work. He has been an amazing friend and an influence to a lot of people. He deserves as many accolades as can be bestowed. I am so glad I have not had to walk behind him with all those miles and hours I would definitely need a new pair of shoes and lots of fuel.

  3. Gene says

    we’re not worthy….

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