LIVE: Neil deGrasse Tyson @ Proctors, 4/24/17 [Get Visual]

Review by David Brickman

Do you think a two-hour lecture on physics would be a dreary exercise in relativity (as in how a short time can stretch to infinity)? If so, then you have never seen Neil deGrasse Tyson in action.

A full house at Proctors in Schenectady sat enthralled last Monday night as two hours flew by at warp speed, with TV’s “Cosmos” star Tyson guiding us on a rollicking trip through centuries of scientific, cultural and social ideas, illustrated with slides that communicated clearly and entertained fully.

Though he claims to prefer time in the lab, Tyson is a natural and enthusiastic showman who knows how to work a big crowd as if they were guests in his living room. Rarely have I experienced such a sense of intimacy among so many people. This is the Tyson charm – he may be a genius astrophysicist who regularly schmoozes with presidents and billionaires, but somehow from the stage he makes you feel like he’s also happy to hang out with simple ol’ limited you.

Meanwhile, he’s teaching you lessons that could be some of the most important ones you will ever learn.

The theme of “The Cosmic Perspective” is to share with the general public the extra-proportional mindset that astrophysicists live with every day – as they are accustomed to seeing everything from a big-picture point of view: from biology and space travel to arithmetic, economics and war.

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