ArtBeat: Welcome Scarlet Seven [Get Visual]

An interior view of Scarlet Seven Fine Art Gallery
An interior view of Scarlet Seven Fine Art Gallery

By David Brickman

Whenever a new gallery opens in the Capital Region, it is cause for celebration. But then comes the inevitable question – will it last?

A large and enthusiastic crowd greeted the opening of Scarlet Seven Fine Art Gallery at 137 4th Street in Troy on Friday night (during the ever-popular Troy Night Out), giving a strong impression that this space is desired and appreciated. Owners Jon Gernon and Jillian Platt presided over the event, which featured 12 regional artists of strong reputation and diverse work. After a ribbon-cutting ceremony to be held on Wednesday (May 31), the gallery will be open from 1-7pm Wednesdays-Fridays; 12noon-4pm Saturdays; and 12noon-3pm on Sundays; the current show runs through Sunday, June 25.

The space is grand and nicely proportioned, with plenty of exposed brick, wooden floor and a solid glass front that puts the venue on permanent street-level display, tantalizing passersby with the challenge of finding the entrance, which is way around back and neatly hidden under a giant, blank wall of brick and ivy. This may be a clever approach – if you make it hard to find, people will be inspired to put in the effort. Feeling like you’ve discovered something special, perhaps you will buy.

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