“Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” Opens at Mac-Haydn [Berkshire on Stage]

Those Dirty Rotten Scoundrels are up to no good, but they are bringing loads of laughter to the Mac-Haydn Theatre in Chatham, opening on Thursday (June 8) and running through Sunday, June 18.

Based on the 1988 movie, the stage musical is an irreverent, sexy, fast-paced farce. It’s the height of the social season on the French Riviera, the beautiful – and wealthy – women are arriving, and two clever con men are waiting to ply their charms, take the money and run. When the art of the con turns into a contest to see who can get the most money out of the prettiest lady the soonest, all bets (except at the roulette table) are off, and things just get funnier, until a final plot twist reveals the biggest con of all – who really is The Jackal!

Gabe Belyeu is back at Mac-Haydn to play Lawrence Jameson, a suave gentleman, a Prince, a bon vivant – all as the case (or con) demands. Mr. Belyeu is a favorite at the theater, two of his most comedic roles were last summer’s Alfie Doolittle in My Fair Lady and Gomez Addams in The Addams Family.

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