Mettawee River Theatre Company Announces Summer Tour [Berkshire on Stage]

(photo: Sasha Arutyunova)
(photo: Sasha Arutyunova)

The Mettawee River Theatre Company has announced summer touring dates for its 42nd upstate season featuring its production of Before the Sun and Moon. Performances will take place at outdoor venues in upstate New York and nearby Vermont and Massachusetts, and are scheduled from tonight (Thursday, July 20) through Saturday, August 5 (see below).

Before the Sun and Moon is drawn from an ancient Korean folktale, a magical story in which a young husband and wife discover the power of love and devotion through unexpected challenges and wild adventures. As always in a Mettawee production, the show will incorporate masks, puppets and other visual elements.

The company of actors includes Mettawee veterans Andrew Butler, Tanya Dougherty, Rob McFadyen, Jan-Peter Pedross and newcomer Claire Moodey. Assistant director Jon Riddleberger will join the cast as puppeteer. The production is directed and designed by Ralph Lee, with costumes by Casey Compton. Kristine Haruna Lee is the playwright.

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