LIVE: Reelin’ in the Years @ The Falcon, 7/8/17

Reelin' in the Years
Reelin’ in the Years

Review and photographs by Rudy Lu

Nostalgia is now part of a baby boomer’s psyche, and I am no exception. As a child of the ’70s, Steely Dan is a large part of that. The melodies and lyrics are buried in my DNA. I can usually name their songs with two or three notes at the max. Judging from the size and the enthusiasm of the crowd at The Falcon in Marlboro, I am not much different than many of my cohorts.

Reelin’ in the Years has made several appearances in the Hudson Valley since their inception in 2015, I have been privileged enough to attend a few of them.

The actual members have rotated in and out according to availability but have always included the crème de la crème of the Hudson Valley’s large bench of studio and touring musicians.

Jonny Rosch handled many of the male lead vocals. Although, he was doubling playing keyboards, he was far from hiding behind them. He added dramatic flair to his performance even toasting the audience with Cuervo Gold during “Hey Nineteen.” Other vocal chores were handled by Joey Eppard, Anni Krueger and Lindsey Murano.

Jerry Marotta would sing on occasion as well as laying down the beat with his drum kit. The originator of the project, Scott Petito remained satisfied playing the bass, watching the band have a life of its own.

The band was enthusiastically encouraged and directed by the other keyboard player Peter Primarore.

The dueling guitars were handled by Jesse Gress and Matt Finck with Gress delivering the aggressive distorted guitar leads, while Finck played the jazz-like counterpart.

A tight three-four-man horn section featuring former Gregg Allman tenor Jay Collins was employed as needed with room for solos as with the original arrangements.

The crowd was frequently singing along with the band. Everybody was clearly having a good time.

The surprise of the evening was the final encore. Rosch introduced it as a secret song by Steely Dan. But the opening piano gave away the song as the old Monkees’ hit “Daydream Believer.” Certainly an apropos way to end the evening.

Bad Sneakers
The Caves of Altamira
Black Cow
Black Friday
Dirty Work
Don’t Take Me Alive
Rikki Don’t Lose that Number
Reelin’ in the Years
Kid Charlemagne
Do It Again
Cousin Dupree
Hey Nineteen
Dr. Wu
Pretzel Logic
Time Out of Mind
My Old School
Daydream Believer

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Reelin' in the Years
Reelin’ in the Years
Peter Primamore and Jonny Roach
Peter Primamore and Jonny Roach
Chris Eminizer, Don Mikkelsen, Jay Collins and Matt Finck
Chris Eminizer, Don Mikkelsen, Jay Collins and Matt Finck
Joey Eppard, Lindsey Morano and Anni Kreuger
Joey Eppard, Lindsey Morano and Anni Kreuger
Jerry Marotta
Jerry Marotta
Scott Petito and Joey Eppard
Scott Petito and Joey Eppard
Jesse Gress
Jesse Gress
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  1. Alan says

    Big fan of the music , big fan of the photographer . Not a big fan of this band. The presentation is choppy . Some great players talents are wasted here .

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