EMPAC at RPI Annouces Fall Season of Concerts & More

Award-winning jazz trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire and his band wrap up EMPAC’s inaugural summer season at 8pm on Wednesday (August 16) – go here to enter to win FREE tickets – but the adventurous Troy performance venue has already announced the schedule of events for its fall season.

The schedule kicks off on Thursday, August 31 with a two-night stand of Andrew Schneider’s “After,” the world premiere of a new theater work that’s something of a sequel to his absolutely mindboggling “YOUARENOWHERE,” which he presented at EMPAC last week.

Here’s the full schedule of EMPAC at RPI performances for the 2017 fall season:

Thursday, August 31, 7:30pm
Friday, September 1, 7:30pm
$18; $13 students & seniors
Performance maker and Obie Award-winner Andrew Schneider is back at EMPAC for the world premiere of After, an emotional story about time, bodies, death, and physics.

Wednesday, September 6, 7pm
On the final night of her EMPAC installation, “An Evening with Queen White,” Los Angeles-based artist Martine Syms will screen her new feature-length video which examines the tension between surveillance and self-promotion that pervades our many avenues of self-documentation and broadcast.

Friday, September 8, 7:30pm
$18; $13 students & seniors
Chicago-based producer Jamal Boss has spent decades prolifically releasing music into the outer orbits of house culture, sometimes donning such aliases as Sun God, IAMTHATIAM and Africans with Mainframes.

Friday, September 22, 7:30pm
$18; $13 students & seniors
New York-based quartet of Laura Barger, Ning Yu, Ian Antonio and Russell Greenberg performs an evening of work by contemporary German composer Enno Poppe, including the world premiere of the EMPAC-commissioned piece “Feld.” The program will also feature “Tonband,” Poppe’s co-composition with Wolfgang Heiniger.

Thursday, September 28, 7pm
Boudry/Lorenz present their film – produced at EMPAC in Spring, 2017 – which takes as its starting point the late Rensselaer Professor Pauline Oliveros’ 1974 score of the same name.

Thursday, October 5, 7pm
Films by Marwa Arsanios, Morgan Fisher, Mohammad Fauzi, Deimantas Narkevicius and Hito Steyerl that complicate the relationship between still and moving images.

Friday, October 6, 7pm
Choreographer/performer Elena Demyanenko and filmmaker Erika Mijlin offer a work-in-progress performance of their new collaboration, an EMPAC-commission which will have its world premiere at EMPAC in March.

Thursday, October 19, 7pm
Films by Doa Aly, Yto Barrada, Joan Jonas, Shelly Silver, Ana Vaz and Joyce Wieland turn the lens on unseen processes, people and objects. The motion we see in the works — whether produced through montage, camera movement, or distortion of the recorded image — directly connects the action on screen to the hand of the artist.

Friday, October 20, 9pm
$18; $13 students & seniors
Bringing together Swedish upstart Toxe with British veteran Actress, this promises to be an evening of hard-edged beats tinged with mystery and mayhem.

Friday, October 27, 5pm
This work-in-progress showing of “Listening Creates an Opening” includes a performance of choreography as well as footage from a year-long video time lapse taken onsite at EMPAC. The work will have its world premiere at EMPAC in the fall of 2018.

Thursday, November 9, 7:30pm
Iranian artist Ali Moini will perform the U.S. premiere of his 2009 solo dance which includes poetry by the 13th-century Sufi poet Rumi and movements reminiscent of the Sufi whirling dervish. Diverging from this tradition, Moini performs in a costume made of straps that connect metal knives to his body like appendages or prostheses.

Thursday, November 16, 7pm
A work-in-progress look at the development of Laure Prouvost’s new performance, her first major commission for the stage.

Friday, November 17, 7:30pm
$18; $13 students & seniors
A photographer-turned-video/film artist-turned-composer, the Mexican multimedia artist transforms the EMPAC Concert Hall with a site-specific concert performance.

Thursday, November 30, 7pm
Films by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz – including “Otros usos” – present moving-image works that pay attention to the geometry, composition and cinematic potential of everyday, neglected landscapes.

Friday, December 1, 7pm
The artist-filmmaker Epharaim Asili’s first foray into working with an ensemble cast, this film work-in-progress offers a behind-the-scenes peek at the film in which the protagonist inherits a house in West Philadelphia that becomes home to an urban collective for activists of color. The tension builds as day-to-day domestic issues compete with the collective’s political agenda.

Friday, December 8, 7:30pm
$18; $13 students & seniors
Acclaimed from Tehran to Berlin to Shanghai, the Iranian hand drum master has dominated elite international competitions since the age of nine. He is most well-known for re-envisioning the traditional ways of playing the Tombak — an ancient Iranian goblet-shaped drum. He brings his lightning-fast technique to EMPAC for a solo concert.

  1. Adam says

    one of the Best venue around and once again…… Not one thing i want to go pay and see there…..
    Thanks Johannes and RPI for keeping the best kept secret in the capital area .. still a secret, and empty …..
    Those financial returns to the school should be happening any day now , right???

  2. Daniel says

    Adam — as Mr. Meat Loaf once sang, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  3. james says

    Incredible line up once again. Actress, Jamal Boss and Mortazavi are all World Class as are the dozens of other acts I’ve seen at empac over the last few years. Unlike so many other local venues booking recycled rockers (Meat Loaf?), whose line ups resemble a Proud Boys rally, replete with tired white blues acts and crunchy dead nostalgia acts, empac has consistently forward looking musicians every season. Maybe Adam and Daniel need to widen their horizons. I’ve had my world changed there a few times in the last few years.
    RPI doesn’t need you worrying about their loot situation, have you checked their endowment lately?

  4. Greg says

    James, I’m not arguing with your assessment of EMPAC’s schedule – their recent hosting of Andrew Schneider’s “YOUARENOWHERE” was a total mindfuck, and I mean that in the best possible way – but you really got me with your name check of Meat Loaf. Golly, when was the last time that Mr. Loaf played in Greater Nippertown? Any idea?

  5. Daniel says

    james, I agree with you about the nostalgia crunchy overload in the region. I’ve seen some great events at EMPAC–but just a few. I wish there were more. It seems to me that EMPAC is a seriously under-used venue, curated for a very selective appeal. I would say that something like the Music Haven series in Schenectady seems accomplish much of the world music goals minus the process-note pretense. Ease up on the Proud Boys references tho.

  6. Daniel says

    Greg: According to Bandsintown.com, the last time Mr. Loaf played the greater Nippertown region was March 21, 2016, Ulster Performing Arts Center, Kingston, NY. He played Albany’s The Palace November 3, 2012.

  7. Greg says

    Good research, Mr. Nester, but apparently Bandsintown.com is not the most reliable source. That Palace show was cancelled… https://nippertown.com/2012/11/12/cancelled-meat-loaf-at-the-palace-theatre/

  8. Daniel says

    Never let it be said that Nippertown shouldn’t be the go-to source for all Meat Loaf gig history news 🙂

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